Jacob Bogatin: Meteo-dependent People

Increased sensitivity to weather changes affected primarily the elderly and vegetatively unstable people. They respond not only to changes in weather, but the high humidity, temperature fluctuations, low pressure, electrical voltage in the atmosphere of various ailments: headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, anxiety states, depression, insomnia, and they have acute rheumatic fever, there are violations circulation or heartbeat. According to Jacob Bogatin particularly affected are people with impaired circulation.

Prevention and treatment meteo-dependence – increased sensitivity to weather includes tips:

Jacob Bogatin and other specialists recommend for all activities to enhance immunity: body rub with a dry brush, rinsing with alternating feet of hot and cold water, walking on water, douche;

– Morning exercise outdoors or in front of an open window also enhances immunity;

– Swimming all year round – in summer in open water, in the cold – in the pool;

– To strengthen the nervous system to check these herbal teas: setwell, meadowsweet, St. John’s wort, rosemary, hops, ordinary;

Jacob Bogatin stresses the use of essential oils: essential oils are especially useful from sandalwood or lavender drug for both internal and external use – rubbing the body, bath with the addition of aroma oils;

– Food rich in nutrients (nutrition with a high content of raw foods, not cooked vegetables, and braised or steamed)

– Multivitamin preparations;

– Anemia can be treated with iron – it is found in green vegetables, leguminous plants, dried fruit, and in the liver;

– You should move in the fresh air in the woods, in a field in a park;

– Autogenic training, self-hypnosis also help.


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